"Name Tone Rikit"


Broken Heart – Kaligta

…Info: “Broken Heart” was performed and recorded by a Filipino rock band named Kaligta. The band’s name, Kaligta, came from the word “kaligtasan” since their main objective is…

Do-Re-Mi – The Sound of Music OST

…F Ray, a drop of golden sunE     F     G   E   G    E  G Me, a name I call myselfF      G   A       A     G   F   A Far, a long long way…

Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers feat. Daya

…I need a  miracleF         D        E    F    FEStranded, reaching outE  E      E        F      D        D     F    F E DI call your name but you’re not aroundD  D     D       F      D      …

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